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Want to have a delicious breakfast, lunch or dinner? Perhaps you are planning a celebration or a romantic date? Or maybe you just want to buy artisan bread, dessert or order a cake for your loved ones? You can find all these in our “Anrov”!

Our founders are true fans and masters of their craft, they are in a constant search for gastronomic combinations of not only taste but also appearance in order to continue to amaze their guests and customers every day. For our company, the main value is people. People, who are not indifferent to the environment in which they live, especially important for us. People who are willing to give more than others expect from them.

We have chosen the most difficult format - Casual Dining. We must be up to par high standards of quality and service, but at the same time try to maintain a low cost of finished products and dishes. Our distinctive feature is that we combine the restaurant format and the store format in one place, which allows us to combine different reasons to come to us and create a lively and dynamic atmosphere.

Casual - is the word that characterizes us best. We are happy that we have many regular guests, and some of them come to visit us not once a day. This allows us to think that we are doing our job perfectly!

From time immemorial, Pomors (people living on White Sea and Barents Sea coast) have been anxious about food. We continue the traditions of our ancestors and are pleased to offer you dishes of Pomor-Scandinavian cuisine. Seasonality of the product is the basis of our menu. We use northern products: mushrooms, berries and, of course, the freshest fish. Local fishing collective farms supply us with cod, halibut, catfish. Venison, cloudberries, and some types of fish come from Naryan-Mar. Contacts with Black Sea suppliers allow us to create seafood culinary masterpieces.

The basic principle of our taste is a long cooking process: fermentation, pickling, simmering, baking! It is impossible to imagine northern cuisine without a stove in which the product simmered and saturated with aroma. We imitate the Russian oven and simmer the product for 8-9 hours so that it acquires softness, delicate texture and delicate taste. We cook several dishes on the charcoal grill. The meat cooked this way is very juicy and tasty. In addition, you can taste delicious fish dishes, kissel (berry starch drink) and fruit drinks from the northern berries. A seamless addition to your table will be real sourdough craft bread. Based on the traditions of our ancestors, we bake it using modern technologies and trends. Having tried our products once, you will want to see them on your table all the time.

Cafe and bakery «Anrov»

Walking along the promenade, you just can’t get past “Anrov” café and bakery. A decorative deer will stop you. Looking at it, you will immediately guess the main concept of “Anrov”. Naturalness. In everything. Starting with a street beast and ending with microgreens in your plate, which is grown here.


The concept of Ogonek restaurant is based on Italian cuisine, and also has a traditional store area!

Laboratory Anrov

It is in “Anrov” laboratory that all confectionery products are born every day. The slogan "FASHION FOR SWEET" combines all the most important.

ANROV Cakes - a work of art

Anrov confectioners are pleased to offer you delicious cakes for every taste. They will appeal to both sweet tooth and gourmet critics. All our products are made from natural ingredients, without the use of chemicals or preservatives.

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Feedback about us
We went here а lot during our exchange in Russia. They have the most tastiest food in Arkhangelsk. Both Lunch and dinners are excellent. Очень хорошо! Very nice!
Отличное меню! Постоянно совершенствуются! Лучшее и самое интересное место в городе! Хотите удивить друзей и удивиться сами, тогда смело в Анров!
Очень приличное место. Обслуживание на высоте, повара и их квалификация выше всяких похвал. Для тех, кто любит сладкое - большой выбор десертов. Обстановка уютная, стильная.
Сказать, что вкусно - ничего не сказать. Поговорка «пальчики оближешь» уместна на все сто! Большое спасибо
Мне понравился, уютно,красиво, вкусно. И весь процесс виден!
Обожаю заходить в это заведение чтобы выпить чашечку кофе с различными десертами. Почитав отзывы, решил попробовать черничный чизкейк. Отныне всем его сам рекомендую.
Если вы любите качественную кухню, хорошую атмосферу, то сам обязательно понравится. Поздний завтрак здесь это просто находка для нашего города! Очень крутое разделение на кофейную зону и большой зал. Всегда приветливые официанты.
Welcoming localities made us stop by for a meal. Was pleasantly surprised by this place. Relaxing informal atmosphere and really good food and drinks. Great recommendations for meal of personnel. We will of course return to this place when we visit Arkhangelsk.
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