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24 июля 2020
Виталий Истомин

On December 10, we had a private dinner with Vitaly Istomin, the chef of «Sakhalin» and «Technikum» restaurants by White Rabbit Family. Vitaly is one of the leading chefs in Russia, author of a popular blog on Instagram, and recently he released his own book "Neskuchnaya Eda".
9 courses of dishes were presented at the dinner, the most memorable of which was a dessert in form of a jar with black caviar. Vitaly captivated us with his simplicity and openness, actively communicated with all the guests, personally delivered, ignited and served dishes. The dinner ended with a standing ovation and an autograph session. We sincerely thank Vitaly Istomin, guests and managers of the dinner, and our wonderful team.
The event was held behind closed doors, so photo report of dinner belongs to our guests. In return we share photos of our Breakfast.

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