Cafe and bakery «Anrov»

Cafe and bakery «Anrov»

Walking along the promenade, you just can’t get past “Anrov” café and bakery. A decorative deer will stop you. Looking at it, you will immediately guess the main concept of “Anrov”. Naturalness. In everything. Starting with a street beast and ending with microgreens in your plate, which is grown here.

Going inside you will meet a sweet showcase. All handmade confectionery is created in the laboratory at the cafe. The range is immodest. What do you prefer? Classic croissant or Danish with peach? Chocolate Truffle or Almond Pasta? Eclair, cake, berry marmalade. While you are walking with your eyes along the pastry shop, you will quietly find yourself at the bakery. Here you will see more than 15 types of bread.

Every morning it is baked right here, behind a transparent door. Pay attention to our northern tastes, “cranberry” and “seaweed” bread.

You can take all these with you home, or you can go further. Have a seat. Where do you like more? By the wooden window, by the wall covered with moss or on cozy sofas opposite the open kitchen? In the menu you will see a lot of new words, it says that it is completely new. The waiters will tell you everything and for the first acquaintance they will probably advise a salad with caramelized eggplant, tomatoes, cream-based sauce and stracciatella cheese - do not refuse. Believe me, you have never tried this before. For each dish you will bring a platter of bread.

Do not forget about drinks. They are all prepared on natural syrups of our own production. And if you want something stronger, then there are wines for any mood. In the atmosphere of “Anrov” there is everything for you to want to return again.

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