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8 (8182) 48-71-71
Ogonyok restaurant


The concept of Ogonek restaurant is based on Italian cuisine, and also has a traditional store area!
In the store you can find unique confectioneries for our city, European croissants, artisan bread, pates of our own production, original Italian olives and much more! One of the benefits of our restaurant is unique Neapolitan pizza from a wood-burning oven and not only! The menu offers a variety of Italian appetizers and main dishes prepared according to original Italian recipes and traditions. A small, but very comfortable restaurant has a separate Banquet area with a view on the square, which is very suitable for a family or official celebration. The restaurant is also very well suited for everyday relaxation, you can spend an evening after walk along the embankment, you can easily have a snack, lunch or dinner!

адрес: Набережная Северной Двины, д. 93, к.1
телефон: +7 8182 48-71-71



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