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24 апреля 2019
Lecture by Evgeny Shashin

We all know about creativity, but many of us associate it only with art. In fact, this is not so. 

On April 24, Evgeny Shashin visited “Anrov” and gave a lecture on how to turn creativity into art.

Evgeny Shashin is the chef-bartender of the experimental “Korobok” cocktail bar and the leading bartender of the White rabbit family holding. Evgeny is the multiple winner of Russia among bartenders: WCC Russia 2014 champion, WCC Russia 2015 champion, World Class Bartender oh the year 2015 in Russia, Diplomatico world tournament Russia 2016 champion, Angostura cocktail challenge Russia champion 2017. 

Wrong impressions of creativity

It is a mistake to believe that only poets or artists belong to the creative professions. Any place of work is a creative space. The whole world around us is creativity.

Creativity is necessary for us to break the patterns that our life experience builds. 

Humans are unique creatures. For tomorrow, we are ready to do something now. We exist in thoughts of the future. But so, we do not realize the moment of the present. 

Our thinking

The 21st century is shaping the fast pace of life. Trying to keep up with it, a person ceases to delve into information and reads only superficial facts. 

A constant change of attention is a huge overload for our brain. Flipping through a news feed, you will get tired much more than reading a book. To avoid the formation of a lumpy perception, you need to approach any issue thoroughly: select information that will be useful.

To form the correct vision, you need to learn to ask yourself the right questions. Only a clearly posed question will help you find the right answer. 

To understand why there are so many wonderful guests at “Anrov”, you need to ask the question: why do people really come to the restaurant? 

First of all, the guest comes to “Anrov” for emotions, for a welcoming atmosphere and new ideas.

Creativity and Natural Gift

There is no natural gift. You do not need it to achieve anything, you are not limited by anything. 

It is important to understand yourself and to understand the framework by which you have limited yourself. Conduct an analysis and figure out what you really want. You transform your ideas, put any thesis into question. To create something new, you need to start with the answer, so you get a million opportunities. You formulate a new mindset that creates a different vision. 

Creativity and Art

These concepts have different meanings. Creativity is the interaction of reality with a person to create something new. And art is the interaction of the individual with the surrounding reality to form an artistic image, the key purpose of which is the creation of a new world. 

Restaurant is also an art. This is a part of the creative process, this is the interaction of a huge number of people. An important element of art is emotions. If a person does not experience them, this is not art. We can conclude that the restaurant is a creative space filled with art objects and creative people, where a person comes and plunges into a new world. 

The boundaries of rational meaning

These boundaries that often prevent us from getting away from patterns and stereotypes. But sometimes, in order to give out an idea, we need to go beyond these boundaries. For this we need imagination. In order to specifically visualize the future picture in detail, we need to train a lot. 

Intuition is another boundary, it reproduces our positive experience. Intuition is an accident, and we cannot build step-by-step instructions on how to achieve success based on randomness. And creativity is a regularity. 

Crazy ideas

Our borders do not allow us to create an idea that has nothing to do with reality. We are very afraid of such ideas. But you need to stop being afraid. Even the craziest idea has its reasons. To see what we have not seen before, we need to change our habits, environment, and daily activities.

Sources of creativity

Ignorance. Ignorance of any subject does not impose any restrictions on us.

Experience. There is no good or bad experience. The more experience you get, the more non-standard this experience is, the more diverse it will be, and, therefore, it will become a great source for creativity.

Motivation. This is a fleeting resource that lasts one to two days. Under the influence of motivation, write yourself a list of tasks.

Keen look. Ask yourself exact requests every day.

Accident or mistake. Sometimes, due to some accident, we get a result that we do not expect at all. Do not be afraid to make mistakes, through mistakes we can come to perfection.

Style. Our style is the environment in which we live, formed values. You are the zero kilometer of this universe. But for other people to understand, you need to learn to go beyond that kilometer and look at the world from a different perspective.

Exemption. This is work on complexes. We need to get rid of those things that prevent us from doing what we want. In fact, there is freedom in discipline. For a disciplined person there are no obstacles in the form of external factors. 

Creativity consists of 99% of labor. You need to experience a sense of happiness from the fact that you are moving somewhere and doing something, from what you create, from the emotions that you give people, because in return they will give you the same emotions.

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