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02 сентября 2019
Travel at the winery — Anrov

This summer, in anticipation of the opening of the Ogonyok restaurant, we went for inspiration to Italy, on a short trip to Tuscany. In addition to the bustling Italians, beautiful architecture and fascinating landscapes, the main purpose of our trip was to visit two wineries: Poggio al Casone and Poggio Antico. It was a wonderful journey in which we managed to touch the art of winemaking; take a walk in the vineyard; pick grapes from the vine, which was supposed to be wonderful Brunello; go down to the cellars and see how traditions are combined with modern technology; and of course: taste the wines where they are created. I want to note that they reach Arkhangelsk not diluted!)

No less remembered are people - temperamental, happy and sincere. I really want everyone to talk about their business with the same love, as winemakers talk about their business - it inspires!

Poggio al Casone and Poggio Antico, many thanks for the hospitality! Special thanks to NESKO for organizing a wonderful trip!

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